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Birth Defect Lawsuits

Parents want their children to be perfect, but in some cases that's impossible. If this happens, it's essential that parents who are stunned seek the assistance of experienced birth defects lawyers.

Medical negligence, dangerous drugs and environmental exposure can cause serious birth defects and injuries. A New York birth defect law firm can help you find answers.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is when a doctor violates the accepted standard of care in his or her field. This could mean failing to perform routine prenatal tests or prescribing medications that increase the risk of a birth defect or making a mistake during labor and birth.

Birth birth defects and birth injuries are usually due to genetic and environmental factors, but sometimes they are caused by the negligence or malpractice of a doctor. For example in the event that a physician fails to recognize a congenital disorder in the uterus and then fails to notify parents of the condition, Birth Defect Attorney parents may pursue a wrongful birth lawsuit seeking compensation for the lifelong costs associated with the disabled child.

To win a medical negligence case in birth defect cases, the plaintiff must prove that the doctor owed a duty of duty to the patient, that he breached that duty, that his actions or inaction action directly triggered injuries and damages and that the plaintiff suffered economic and noneconomic damage because of the injuries. These damages could include medical bills or lost wages, as well emotional stress.

Prenatal visits are important to ensure that pregnant women are provided with the appropriate tests and monitoring. If you suspect that medical negligence caused your child's birth defect settlement defects you should contact a medical malfeasance and birth injury lawyer immediately.

Toxic Chemicals

In the United States, thousands of babies are born every year with birth defect case defects. These birth defects can be of various severity and impact the way a child acts, looks and performs. Some are minor, but others can cause serious problems and even lead to death.

The causes of birth defect lawyer defects can be attributed to genetic disorders or a variety of chemical and environmental factors. Exposure to toxic chemicals, for instance can trigger serious complications in a newborn. Our firm is committed in ensuring that employers are held accountable when they expose pregnant women or their unborn children to harmful drugs or substances.

It is well-established in scientific research that certain toxins as well as chemicals can enter the placenta to affect an unborn baby. These chemicals are referred to as teratogenic. Exposure to these teratogenic chemicals could cause birth defects like Cleft lips and palates as well as spina bifida, and muscular dystrophy.

While they are working, mothers are exposed a variety of harmful chemicals. They can be inhaled, ingested or simply absorbed through the skin. These chemicals include industrial solvants such as ethylene glycol and ethers (EGE), which are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. These toxic substances can also be consumed by parents who take certain prescription and over-thecounter medicines. This is because a lot of pharmaceuticals aren't adequately tested on pregnant women and have been shown to cause birth defects.

Environmental Exposure

While genetic disorders are among the most prevalent causes of birth defects, environmental exposure is also a major cause. The presence of various chemicals and toxins at the home, at work and in food items can increase the risk of birth defects. Pesticides and fungicides are among the most frequent. Heavy metals, paints heavy pigments, certain chemicals are also included. Exposure to toxic substances is almost always inevitable. However, when employers do not take precautions to protect pregnant employees they are negligent and could be held accountable.

Researchers are still trying to determine the precise cause of a birth defect. It is possible that a combination between a variety of factors could cause the problem, but the issue is evaluating the interactions in real-time. The National Children's Study is important because it is in progress in a variety of states. The NCS will enroll 100,000 women from a representative populations and will follow them throughout their lives and their children. This study will provide the most complete information on how environmental factors impact the health of a child's fetus and.

Many parents who are suffering from a birth defect in their child feel guilty that they may have contributed to the condition, however it is the norm that these types of defects are not a choice. Our birth defect lawyers know this and are committed to helping families seek justice for children who suffer from birth defects.

Product Liability

Birth problems can be caused by a variety causes, ranging from drugs or alcohol consumption during pregnancy to genetic. Fortunately, most of these causes can be cured. If your child was born with a medical condition which could have been prevented in the first place, you may be able to compensation through a birth defect claim defect lawsuit.

A New York birth defect attorney (in the know) will be able help you determine if your child's illness is due to an illness, chemical or environmental exposure that is eligible for compensation. Your legal team will calculate the total cost of medical bills related to your child's condition according to the severity.

Although the majority of birth defects are not caused by medical negligence, there are cases where a doctor or healthcare professional has been negligent before or during labor and delivery. A physician may incorrectly prescribe a medication that injures an infant before it is born, or they may commit a mistake during surgery.

Our birth defect lawyers have successfully prosecuted cases where a mother's health healthcare provider was exposed prescription drugs or toxic chemicals, increasing the likelihood that she could give birth to a baby with birth defects. We also brought birth defect lawsuits against companies that expose workers to hazardous substances on the job like a paint factory or semiconductor manufacturing companies.


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