10 No-Fuss Strategies To Figuring Out Your Key Car Lost

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Replacing a Lost Car Key

Not too long ago, losing your car key was not a big deal. You could get the replacement at any hardware store or in certain cases even at your car dealership.

Nowadays however it can be extremely expensive to replace keys for cars that have been lost. This article will help you find the most effective solution for your key type.

Find a copy of the VIN.

Losing your car lost key keys can be one of the most stressful events an individual can endure. It's even more stressful when it happens during your vacation or away from home. It's a good thing you can replace lost car key the car key that was lost using the VIN number.

A car dealer or locksmith can create a new key for you based on your VIN of the vehicle. This process can take some time. You will also need to show proof of ownership. This could be your car registration or proof of insurance for your car. As long as they don't have proof of your ownership, they cannot use the VIN to create a new key to your vehicle.

The VIN can be found on the windshield or on the driver's jamb on the door. It can also be on a sticker that is placed in the driver's seat or on the dashboard. The VIN is 17 characters long and is used to identify your vehicle. It's also possible to find the VIN in a paper or certificate issued when you bought your vehicle.

Your car probably has one if it is a more recent model. It utilizes a transponder in order to start your car. This is not the mechanical key that was inserted into the ignition mechanism in older vehicles. The key that is lost will not start your car, but it may still open the trunk and doors.

Contact your car dealer.

It's not unusual for replacing a lost car key people to lose their car keys. It is possible to obtain a replacement key lost car at the dealership or a locksmith. The method you select depends on the type key your vehicle uses.

If you have a vintage double-edged car key, you can usually visit your local hardware store to have a duplicate made for less than $10. If you have a more recent model, you will likely require contacting your car dealer. They may require you to provide proof of ownership (registration or title) before they can create an appropriate key for you. The dealer will also have to purchase the replacement key and then program it into your vehicle's immobilizer, which can take up to a few days.

If you own a newer model that has a transponder key it can be more complex. This type of key comes with an embedded microchip that communicates with the computer in your vehicle. It is necessary to have your car tow into a dealer to have the key created and programmed into the system. The process can take several days, and you might have to pay an additional towing fee in addition to the cost. Some insurance policies cover these costs.

Contact an experienced locksmith.

It wasn't long ago that misplacing or worse losing your car keys was not a big deal. In all likelihood, you could purchase another one at the dealership. As cars have technologically advanced and so have keys. Replacing them can be more complex and involves a number of steps and costs hundreds of dollars.

Depending on the type of fob or key you have, you may prefer a locksmith instead of the dealership for your replacement. Usually, they'll cost less and can save you time too. You can also shop around online for aftermarket replacement keys or fobs. They are available on websites like Amazon and eBay, and they may be cheaper than buying a factory-made key at the dealership.

Keep calm and locate your car keys prior to calling locksmith. Be sure to check everywhere you went to when you were last in your car. Examine your pockets, purses or bags and other places that may not be obvious, like the back of your headrest or the trunk. If you're still having trouble finding your car keys, you can retrace your steps. You might find your keys exactly where you left them. But if that doesn't work, you can always call a locksmith for help.

Contact your insurance company.

Car keys can be difficult to lose and they can also be expensive to replace. Fortunately, some auto insurance policies and coverage plans will pay for lost key replacements. The amount of your insurance's coverage will depend on whether the key was taken or lost.

If you lost a regular car key made of metal, the process is fairly easy. Locksmiths can quickly and easily make you a new car key. If your lost car key is one that is a transponder or smart key, things are much more complicated. These keys are more difficult to replace and you'll need go to the dealer to program them into the computer system of your vehicle. This can be costly and you may have take your vehicle to the dealer.

If your car keys are transponder or smart key, it's important to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Not only will this stop your car from being stolen, but it also prevents somebody from using the lost key to start your car. If you report the loss immediately your insurer will take steps to protect your car and its doors. If you don't have it considered adding roadside assistance to your insurance policy to receive assistance for lost keys. This assistance can be extremely helpful in these instances and is available through the GEICO Mobile App.


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